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Welcome to the Provider Support Center. Our goal is to better serve our medical provider community, serve consistent communication regarding our medical bill process, and grant flexible access to medical bill information.
The Provider Support Center offers self-service features to help manage claims more effectively and direct you to the information you need.

Our Self-service features include:
  1. Medical Bill Info
    • View medical bill status for bills within a two year date of service
    • View and print a copy of an online Explanation of Benefits (EOB) image
    • Search Medical Bill Address by Office Address Search
    • Obtain information for electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments to get paid faster
    • Obtain instructions for Reconsideration/Corrected bill process
  2. Network Info
    • Review provider Network Information for IL, TX, CA, and CT
    • Submit Managed Care Provider Application
  3. Claim Info
    • View billing address for a branch office
    • Confirm claim numbers
    • Review provider Network Information for IL, TX, CA, and CT
  4. Jurisdictional Info
    • Obtain information on provider network
  5. Treatment Requests
    • Access to view and print CA Utilization Review submission forms with instructions
    • Access to view and print LA Utilization Review submission forms with instructions
    • Access to view and print Utilization Review submission forms with instructions for all other states
    • Access to view and print Treatment Request forms with instructions for Non-UR states
    • Access to view and print TN Preauth requirements and restrictions

To utilize these self-service features, click on the corresponding link within the navigation bar on the left hand side of your browser window.
How to Register:
To register for access to medical bill info and claim number look up tools, you will need a copy of a previous Explanation of Benefits(EOB) from Liberty Mutual Insurance and your Tax ID to validate that you are a valid Liberty Mutual provider. Once you register a USER ID, you have the ability to add or remove Tax Identification Numbers that are associated with your account.

To register, click on the registration link in the top right hand corner of your browser window.
Have trouble looking up your bill?
Review your EOB to see if Liberty Mutual Insurance is listed on it. Liberty Mutual partners with Coventry Workers Comp.